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International Falls office closing

Back in early January they announced they will be closing the office by Sept 1st. and transition everyone to telecommute. The office is a claims processing hub for Optum and UHC for over 30 years. Optum has been in the process of sending people home and even hiring yet. Tuesday 3/19 UHC eliminated all jobs at the site. Some of that work transitioned offshore, which was already way over capacity. They have been in a backlog since December and decide to eliminate 20+ positions that support that work? Excellent leadership! There is no reason everyone couldn't continue to work from home. Some of them already did and the same takes place all over the country.

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Did you have a call with Diane Muscatello? HR gives out lots of misinformation. That severance agreement is abusive. They can claw back the severance for lots of reasons. Don’t just sign it. Complain about the WARN violations. Muscatello is really nasty during those calls. If you take the EAP, the provider will report back to the company. The job placement firm is there to report back and get your unemployment cut. Behind HR is Jackson Lewis, the firm that advises companies on Union Busting. Don’t be silent. Speak up on Social Media. Organize. You are not Cattle. You are Worthwhile Human Beings Who Have Mistakenly Trusted a Bunch of Ruthless Scumbags. You Have Rights. Assert Them. Maintain Your Health. Maintain Your Family Relationships. Embrace Your Friends. Resist Incentivized Mistreatment. Be Well. God Bless You All.

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