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If your a Sprint employee and worried about layoffs ( which has been happening since early-mid 2000) take the package and leave. I was there 12 years, took a package in January 2016. I barely looked for a job and started in March 2016. Not only was I double dipping but the new salary was close to twice the amount as my Spring salary. Sprint was paying me 90k. What I’m getting at is take control of your situation. It was scary taking VSP but I’m so glad I did.

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For those of you still hanging on at Sprint...if you were offered and did not take the GREAT layoff package offered to folks with years of Seniority in early 2016....that was a mistake. Bad news is apparently coming. Sprint is running out of money. I worked for Sprint for 19 years and accepted the package in January 2016. It was the best decision ever! It was the last time Sprint was offering 2 weeks for every year of service plus 8 weeks severance. Amazing package plus free phone and all normal benefits paid for 1 full year! On top of that you got unemployment as well from the State! Now I heard anybody layed off after that time gets only 1 week x year of service and no extension of Health coverage benefits. But if they start offering packages again....TAKE THE PACKAGE! The job market is amazing. You will find employment quickly! If not, just go back to school and retrain. Good luck!!!

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Who is offering packages and who is receiving them?

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