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Why did AIG choose AWS over Azure?

Does anyone know? We have been talking about cloud for the longest time. And i think because of this. Our company is moving very slowly to the cloud and affected many people!!

What say you?

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My guess is someone up high got kickbacks to go single source. And many of the apps being moved are being done because they want to outsource IS, period. Many need upgrades before moving, because there are zombie apps that haven't been touched in years. Cloud isn't cheaper is you don't manage it well.

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AWS has been found to be more costly for some of the solutions already setup. After the bill came in, Citrix, for example, was one of those environments in APAC that was pulled back due to 3x the cost increase over on premises. US and EMEA are being heavily reviewed as such. GM has put it all in for his reputation in "Cloud". What is Cloud? It is someone else's datacenter. That's basically it. So AIG wants to get out of the IT business? It will cost them more than maintaining their own solutions they have already invested in. It is a poor decision for established Enterprises. Many Enterprises find this out during an assessment phase. Start up companies, will find it beneficial to start in "Cloud".

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