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when is the next layoff for remote workers?

is there another wave coming? (we know the layoffs are happening all the time but is there a big wave coming associated with the location strategy that was openly shared in reilly's organization?) he said there were just over 200 left in the program in his area.

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I wish they would make a decision or move past this. Last November I was told that this was coming and if I didn't move to a hub location in another state, I would lose my job. I just cannot relocateor drive 100 miles one-way. So every day since then, Every work call I get from my Manager, I wonder if it is "the call". It is not how to live. Some may ask why I stay? Simple, I want the severance package. I iften wonder of the bank knows this is going on. But hinwatly, I don't think they care....

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The most sought after employees will and have found remote work at other companies. Look at the whats happened those not in a hub location or MyWork.

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