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New layoffs at SpiritAero

No posts here but layoffs are happening, ask employees if you do not trust me

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I’m an M02 and we’ve been constantly reassured of no layoffs, but all product is stacking up and a new storage warehouse has been in the plans. Does anyone else think their will be a lay-off in a few weeks? Or could it be longer? Does lay offs run by seniority? Or who they want to keep and get rid of?

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Contractors have loaded up tool boxes , over time has been cut , storing fuselage on site how much longer can they keep all rest of the mechanics busy? No current demand from Boeing for our 737 max fuselages with questions from coworkers of layoffs and management saying that will not happen ! Except for those contractors who were let go , they say everyone is safe. Boeing rushing to find a fix and spirit aerosystems stacking up fuselages with contract negotiations right around the corner who knows how this will play out for all of us hard working men and women that give our all day in and day to this company? Only time will tell with rumors of layoffs and furlough throughout the plant uncertainty fill the air how much info is managment keep from us little guys ? Friends and coworkers jumping ship left and right textron , Airbus , bombardier and even non aircraft jobs stress is taking a toll on many mechanics everyone is hoping this problem gets resolved soon the longer it drags out the more the spirits go down !!

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