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I'm very happy that I'm not one of the leftovers

This round is probably done. I concur with the previous reply that more will happen in the future. I got clipped this round and I have to ay, it's liberating. They softened the blow with a fair package. I am finally motivated to find something better. I was waiting for the bonus payout and now that it's done, I'm ready to move on. After watching one of the meetings yesterday where they were spelling out their plans moving forward, I'm very happy that I'm not one of the leftovers. No real direction. Fewer people that have the domain knowledge and skills to do the remaining work for the 'Q5' and 'Q6' plans that SteveM likes to say. Basically looking pretty grim. If you're a leftover you have to be a true believer and delude yourself into continuing to work at GE Digital. Any practical and sane person would be preparing some sort of exit plan. Meanwhile, I can sit back for the next few weeks and use all the training resources of GE to skill-up and tune-up for interviewing.

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I’ve received multiple annual retention bonuses. For me, I am glad to be a leftover.

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