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4/12 Layoff Compilation Post 2.0

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Rumor of 91 layoffs, only 70 confirmed so far.

SWO/SD hit the most, mostly zoo and supervisors/long time hourly employees.

BG Tampa: 4 total

? - Ride Maintenance

? - Park Services Warehouse

Raises also confirmed, no more than $1

SW San Antonio:

1 - Beluga/Dolphin Trainer


? - Zoological Department

SW Orlando/DC: 37

2 - Retail Specialist, Merchandise Admin

1 - Merchandise - Merchandise Admin

1 - Receiving

2 - Merch receiving Assistant Supervisor

2 - Entertainment Assistant Supervisors

3 - Entertainment Stage Managers

1 - Entertainment Art Director

1 - Entertainment Recording Studio Engineer

4 - Shamu Trainers

10 - Bird barn/Aviculture (All)

5 - Animal Ambassador Team (All)

4 - SeaLion&Otter

1 - Captain, Park Operations - Security Leadership

Unconfirmed:4 Water Quality Divers at SW laid off?



SW San Diego: 28+

3 - Park Ops Show Supervisors

2 - Park Ops Show Asst. Supervisor

3 - Park Ops Ride Asst. Supervisors

1 - Park Ops Ride Supervisor

2 - Park Quality Asst. Supervisors

2 - Front of Park Asst. Supervisors

1+?- Wardrobe

3 - Entertainment Asst. Supervisors

4 - Culinary Supervisors

1 - Culinary Warehouse Supervisor

6 - Food Commissary

? - Animal Ambassador Team (all)

? - costume ambassadors


HR Senior Leader?

Cafe West is no longer staffed and operating?

One other culinary office ambassador?

BG: Willamsburg:

? - BAT came a second time but no layoffs confirmed?

Sesame Place:

? - No rumors regarding sesame


? - No rumors regarding corporate

Rumors of Layoffs and Raises going to happen at the same time - Florida

Stopped picking up nightly trash as of 4/1 (day after 1st quarter) rumors of moving park quality to daytime shifts so they don't have to pay differential, and making it part time. - Orlando

Prices raised on employee lunch, meal ticket program dissolved - Orlando

Rumors of laying off full time people to hire them back as part time since HR won't let them change status. - San Diego

Rumors of sorting animals into different parks, which is why AATs are gone. Manatees to Florida, Moving land animals to Busch. Reshaping rescue program for regional animals.

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John Reilly resigned at the end of March and approximately 4 weeks later, Mark Pauls quits.

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At BGT park services the warehouse supervisor, purchaser, one other office person are gone. PT purchasing position was already posted by Monday.

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Sad for all the AAT members that were the face of the park when they went out in public and represented SeaWorld. They were just as important as the Whales and Dolphins.

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Nothing at BGW and WCUSA. Efficiency team will be on property the week of 4/15. All Leaders are stressed; don't know how many more cuts parks can handle.

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The question that should be asked, Is this the being of the end of the animals at seaworld. Which is make seaworld different from all the others parks because of the animals we have and the conservation, rescue and everything else that Seaworld does for animals.

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Thank you so much for putting this together! It’s very helpful to see it all consolidated

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So that's about 80 people and then maybe they cut 10 or so open positions?

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SWSA was 5 in Zoological: 2 at White Whale and a Dolphin, 3 at Polar/Animal Ambassador Team.

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Cafe West is still staffed and open.

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