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I left the company after 30 years

After 30+ yrs. I left Dean Foods. 20 yrs. with Suiza/DF the rest with the same company but different owners. I was fortunate enough to work for some Great Leaders. Hall of Famers who knew the business and how to treat people. Then there were Leaders who didn’t know anything about the Dairy Business. It was experiment after experiment, millions of dollars wasted. We took our eye off the ball and lost focus on the most important part of our business the “The Customer.” We did’nt take advantage of one of our biggest assets our Distribution Network missing the chance to expand our portfolio with items that would sell. Instead we cut service and got greedy jacking up our prices. There were many ups and downs over the years but nothing like what DF is going threw today. It’s hard to believe that DF had record profit in 2015-2016. Now in less than 4 yrs. faced with possible bankruptcy. From a Shinning Star to barely holding on.

True Leaders are hard to fine, but if it was me I would round every Dairy Veteran Leader I could find and put a plan in place to save what’s left. There are still a few Great Leaders out there. Put a 5 yr plan in place starting with going back and repairing the Customer relationships that have been damaged our lost. Hat in hand. To my Friends who stayed hold your head high this wasn’t a field problem.

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Could be could have 35K shares of DF like Ryan Jeffries!

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