Thread regarding Molina Healthcare Inc. layoffs

Mechanics of Layoffs

They will lay you off and deactivate your accounts the night before, so take your stuff home a week before.

Or they will call you all in a meeting and inform you that today is your last day.

Molina is hiring but they are temp positions in order not to give you benefits, health, dental, 401k not vacation.

Assets that have been sold in 2018/2019, pathways, mms, last of the clinics. Molina is being stripped down for a leaner Molina and put up for sale.

Other companies that want to acquire Molina will only want to buy it for their members which is the only thing of value to them.

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Yes, make sure and do this by the end of July. Remove as much as possible. Good luck, your going to need it

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It’s not a bad idea to void your desks of personal items so that you don’t make a scene whilst packing up a bunch of junk that you never wanted at home in the first place.

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New slogan: Pray for our fallen brothers


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Spanish slogan: Adios Amigos!

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