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Incompetent Middle Management - Could be next targets ?

Oracle had recent restructuring with VP and Low level positions. So why Its still incompetent?

Oracle requires a heavy restructuring in its Middle Management layer with Senior Directors, Directors , Senior Managers, CMTS positions. Most incompetent & old people still hang there bagging money and playing all the games.

Oracle has piled up lots of middle level management through acquisitions and these people never leave the company leveraging all the benefits of the position.

In any company its the Middle management play a major role in transforming Business to Technical solutions. Any lack in Business/Technical skills make a big hole difficult to fill for top management/Executives.

Favouritism, irregular project tracking, process breakage all happens in the middle level management. They are motivation k--lers. They form a wall between top management and developers instead of promoting a transparent flow of information.

I believe its middle managers for the next round .


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Oracle US is hiring sales GVPs that have absolutely zero Oracle experience or knowledge. Some are privately negative on Oracle and are surprised to find out customers can't stand Oracle. They add zero value other than to act as someone to hear the customer complaints.

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The management is a sh-- show all the way. Top to bottom. But I agree that the lower levels are what impact development most. If there were people there who knew what they were doing, they could provide information up the chain, but they don't. They just s--- up and run around with their heads up the asses of their bosses. Incompetence is rampant. Managers who did know what they were doing have left and id--ts are being moved up to replace them.

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It SHOULD be middle managers for the next round. But I don't think it will. They never get laid off as far as my area is concerned. They are interconnected and I think the management above is afraid to lay them off, as the remaining could take revenge out on a VP or whoever. Intimidation works both ways.

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