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Why do you even have this site if you're going to delete posts? Don't waste your time here, folks. Remember freedom of speech????

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What do you expect from LW liberals?

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sigh Please read what freedom of speech really means, and what it covers. Hint: This ain't it.

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Its kind of like bathroom cleaning, you gotta do it to make sure the place does not turn into a disease cesspool - stop moderating, and you will have q cesspool in no time... politics, personal attacks, etc...

OP - if someone was to post here with your daughter info, or start rumors about your wife together with your home address - would you want that removed, or would you preach about

Freedom of speech... the line has to exist and on an anon forum I would set that “censor” threshold pretty low

My 2c only and it would be pity if there to nuke my post (reference to your daughter) as it took me a while to type this on my tiny screen phone

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Why repeating the same question over and over again? There are at least 2 active threads on this matter ( and The short answer is - your post is getting deleted because you are not following the site rules. Can check those threads, someone wrote what's not allowed here.

As for the freedom of speech, the First Amendment ensures your right to speak against the government and only the government. Websites are usually private properties, so they can make their own rules as long as those rules are legal (just like in your house, you can say: that's allowed, and that's not).

Because of that and the fact there is about a hundred of other laws that make sure you cannot bash other people or properties without consequences, every forum or other social networking place has rules and nukes posts. To avoid getting sued or getting subpoenaed to deliver user’s data (so that whoever affected can sue the user who violated the law). Btw, FB and Reddit delete hundreds of millions posts and ban millions of users every year, think they even announce those numbers publicly in their annual reports.

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