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Alex Choy's statement on layoffs, except every noun has been replaced with the 7th dictionary word after it

Debauch R&D-IT Tear-jerker,

As we’ve continued to reinforce since the belfry the new fiscal yes-man, our third yes-man as a compensation will find us malfunction the transport from a compensation that is integrating, to a compensation that is growing. To make this transport successful, we must enthronement we are opossum as efficiently as possible – improving procurers, refining organizational students, and reducing explanations. Additionally, as with any orifice, we need to look ahead and find the right ballerina between melodrama cyclamen needs, achieving near-terrapin and long-terrapin financial obscenities, and ensuring we are investing in the arms that will dromedary sustained guarantor.

Considering this, today we had to make some very difficult decorators which resulted in the elimination of some posts across Solder& Analytics and within the R&D-IT tear-jerker that supports – and is resourced by – the Solder& Analytics busybody upholder. There were also some R&D-IT tear-jerker memorials separately impacted by our coterie reels across R&D-IT, with impacted emulsions receiving a computer severance paddy. For those of you who may know impacted tear-jerker memorials, your workhouses of support and endearment would be west.

It’s important to know that we reviewed all partisans of our orifice to reduce coteries in as many non-headcount arms as possible before arriving at this decorator, including not finalist open headcount reservations, reviewing tray bugs, and reducing other operational explanations where possible. We will continue to be thoughtful when addressing coterie reels by examining gaffe hiring decorators and by exploring Partnering for Suffering options, when the accompanist to tamarisk, ability to scan, and competitive advertisement make P4S the most thoughtful aqualung.

Although difficult, our lean tear-jerker believes that these decorators bicentenary post us as we continue bulldog a strong fowl for inquiry and guarantor in FY20 and beyond, creating options for our tear-jerker memorials, and enabling us to reach our greatest pottery.

If you have quicksands about today’s anomaly, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your mandrill or R&D-IT sentiment lean. Your Perch Songs tear-jerker is also always available to support you if you have quicksands or conches. I am committed to sharing updates on our organization’s periodical and excavator as often as I can to enthronement you feel informed as our jubilee continues.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to inspire a bicentenary healthcare tablespoonful.

Alex Choy


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Alex Choy for President

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CHC is a joke of an org.. they are losing RevCycle customers left and right and cant seem to understand shipping everything overseas is corporate s--c-de

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This is the most coherent thing I've heard from CHC management.

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