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Is anybody still having trouble adjusting?

We lost six people in the last round, and weeks later I am still having trouble adjusting to coming to the office and not finding them there. I'm not sure what's upsetting me the most - how quiet the office is now or how everybody who is still here seems even more automated in their work than ever before or whatever else...

Talk about a lasting blow to already low morale.

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IDK - they laid off the tech spec who knew what he was doing and did all the work. The newly minted tech spec is incompetent, we are having outages and project failures. The passle of GSR 8 are sitting around doing nothing waiting for detailed instructions from the tech spec, who is busy blaming every failure on the laid off employee. The solution hire an expensive experienced employee who quit Ford because they did not recognize his genius and make him an LL5 on track to be CIO. This should turn out well.

I have a feeling everyone is playing whack a mole. No one will pop their head up and take responsibility for a task as they see how that plays out at Ford. Yeah I keep my head down too.

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The “leaders” left after SRD are those good at intimidating and motivating by fear. These guys are adult bullies, nothing else.

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Yes ours too.

They hired backfill for two of the three tech spec as GSR8. Interviewing to replace the third. They are also bringing back prior Ford employees and retirees as long term consulting contractors $60 + an hour.

There was no flattening of leadership structure.

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We just saw some new hires in our department this week?

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Let’s have another mini-pulse survey. Let’s put some meaningful questions on it

After all we have a culture of continuous improvement. So let us learn how to improve.

Rate your morale before SRD

Rate your morale after SRD

Has SRD reduced bureaucracy? How?

Has SRD reduced management layers? How?

Has SRD improved productivity? How?

Which SRD decision(s) were good (improved Ford)? Why?

Which SRD decision(s) were bad? Why?

Which non-value add work / delays exists?

What work behaviors negatively impact your productivity?

Rate CEO performance.

Who should succeed CEO?

Rate CIO performance.

Who should succeed CIO?

Rate CFO performance.

Who should succeed CFO?

Rate your LL2 performance.

Who should succeed LL2?

Rate your LL3 performance.

Who should succeed LL3?

Rate your LL4 performance.

Who should succeed LL4?

Rate your LL5 performance.

Who should succeed LL5?

Rate your LL6 performance.

Who should succeed LL6?

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Have some cheese with that whine!

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In November they will staff back up and then scramble to accomplish the years objectives. When they fail they will select next years victims by tossing the blame for missed objectives onto whichever employees had their heads down working hard but failing to pay homage to the popular clique.

The sad part is most of the objectives contribute nothing to Ford. They are fabricated to align with some buzz word someone up the chain said in an all hands meeting and even he had no idea what he was talking about. If you question strategy and objectives and monumental waste you are making yourself a target.

Some groups with no real purpose were created as temporary safe zone for a leader. They will be eliminated when another spot for the protected leader opens up.

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It's very unorganized at Ford right now. It will take another 2 months to get things back in place.

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Several of us are taking walleyes on the River, daily, not sure how we will adjust when they stop biting.

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And with the loss of many of these employees you get to deal with the trolls of the new younger generation. They have no compassion and have grown up hiding behind screen names on the internet spouting off on the internet knowing they are cowards in real life. By evidence of the comments on this site you can see what Ford gets to deal with now. The brown nosing to your face and the back stabbers online. I can't wait to see in the next 15-20 years when the next generation treats these losers they way they treat others.

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Having trouble adjusting to new job. Many in our area were put into new jobs that have nothing to do with our background or skills. If I saw this job online, I WOULD NOT post for it, as it is not anything that resonates with my career aspirations. It is hard to come to work everyday- I am not motivated.

Also very disappointed with management. We were given new titles/jobs, but absolutely no list of responsibilities or even deliverables. We were given a general statement about what they thought we might do and told to come up with our own responsibilities. WTF- isn’t that management’s job?

A team cannot be successful if it doesn’t have a vision and the players don’t have clear roles that help to deliver that vision.

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