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How much "selling" even happens any more?

The number one thing telling me that we're all expendable is how stores seem to be hiding behind "if it's not scripted, we can't run it." Long-time, pristinely-kept displays going down left and right every time a store has company because it's not listed in the corporate bible. Couple this with CAO and stores transitioning to the online pick-up model and the sales aspect of being a sales rep has basically evaporated.

Wal-Mart CAO gets a lot of the attention, but I've been deleting those and writing fresh since it started and no one's caught on. Accounts with store-side CAO have basically made reps into merchandisers. I drive 90 minutes out of my way (rural territory) to my Food Lion just to be handed a piece of paper with my order on it and be told that's what I get. Maybe can talk them into an extra case of Ritz if it's first of the month. If we're not selling and not ordering, what's the use?

It's an industry-wide shift. In a few years the online pick-up bays in a store will be getting just as much upkeep and attention as the sales floor (if not more), and DSD simply doesn't fit into that model.

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Very little for my territory. I try every so often when I have time or whatever, but the answers are always the same about scripted displays and they keep giving us more admin and packout work, so it's hard to do.

I will say the most fun I have had in a long time (though there were other issues) with this job is when I lost my full timer for about 9 months due to short term disability and was the order writer for the whole territory. I had little packout and a good amount of time to sell and concentrate on orders. My sales we're through the roof.

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At least they didn't lock the NOS for the Moons. Had to take 20+ cases of Thrones in my tiny stores in towns where no one can afford HBO.

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