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Change Healthcare never became a new company

In hindsight it’s actually really sad. The “new company” that was formed just provided CHC a rebranding opportunity and ultimate just got rid of everything that was legacy McKesson and Change. These guys are a joke... if I’m a current CHC employee, I would get out ASAP! It’s only going to get worse from here! You really think this IPO is gonna do anything other than make stuff worse? Nope. This company is going down the tubes. I’m gonna short this stock like no ones business!

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This company will NEVER get better as long as the same executives remain in place doing the same things they've always done. They wouldn't even change the name of the company when they formed the so called "new" company. Unless they upgrade their outdated way of thinking and operating, they are doomed to be mediocre at best. This is not how companies excel and make themselves stand out from the competition in a positive and productive way. They acquired new technology, better business practices, and a lot of great employees, but have no clue on how to capitalize on it. We sadly watch a company we used to be proud of get run into the ground by people at the top who should but who are not demonstrating they know how to make the company better. Instead they continue to do the wrong things and try to make up for their losses by throwing away their lifelines. Not smart at all.

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It is sad. While I think you're referring to upper management as the joke, the people - the real workers - that work at CHC are great! A lot of great people who are caught in an unfortunate situation. I'm very bearish on the long term strategy of CHC myself. There has been a lot of confusion and reactive decisions being made rather than trying to establish first who the company will be going forward. The whole 'new company' as you suggested, was an unorganized disaster from the start.

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