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We are expected to perform Miracles

We are expected to perform Miracles with little staff. Hours have been cut so bad that our Team members can not get the job done. Expected to hire PT team members and give them five to ten hours a week, you really think you are going to keep personnel that way, it's a revolving door.

I don't know that the credit card is the answer either. We have to have accountability for our team and to many times we get mixed messages of no don't hold them accountable because we can't afford to loose them, to the extreme of if you don't hold them accountable you will be written up.

Its a lose lose situation

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I'm a customer, not an employee, who once worked at an Academy store in the San Antonio, TX area {but never again}. While shopping there not long ago, I sought assistance from a middle-age male store employee, His reply was, "I won't clock in for another three minutes." ; turned and walked off. About that time an elderly store employee walked up and I asked if he had heard that. He replied that the first person was afraid he would get fired should he assist me "off the clock". He went on to explain that in the years that he had worked for Academy, there had been so many BAD recent policy changes; that this particular store was experiencing a complete turnover of personnel every 90 days; that the store could not keep good, experienced employees, department, or store managers; morale was very low; theft by both customers and employees was high; and no one, but no one was interested in listening or taking action. He added that he had no "assigned" job or department, just worked wherever they told him to each time he came to work, depending on who had recently 'up-and-quit'. He added that all this did not bother him as he was a widower and only lived about 5 minutes from the store, thus this job helped him pass the time and buy stuff for his grand kids. Now days, I go out of my way NOT to shop or buy at Academy. Since the family sold the business, it has definitely gone to hell.

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