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Tesla Gear and Other Ruses

I have noticed that when I wear Tesla apparel in public it's cumbersome. I won't do it any longer. It's tedious enough that we are expected to perform HR/Trainer/Safety/Security responsibilities, in addition to our primary manufacturing mandates. Who needs the extra bs outside of and within the Tesla structures?

It's annoying when so many are paid handsomely, only to demand you do their jobs for them and the lazy people they enable, while they retain their status quo as nothing more than egomaniacal, narcissistic, monetary parasites. They want to have their cake and eat it too concerning their eclectic methods of deflecting responsibility while never expecting to be held accountable. Then they attempt to tell you about ethics, quality, and integrity like the colossally ignorant hypocrites they are. Every time you are told to: "be sure to tell this person, or that person.......", or "make sure you do this or that concerning yourself or those other people..", know that you are doing what so-called "trainers", MGMT, and HR reps refuse to do. They don't care. They never did. It's absurd that

the "people partner" figure of speech is touted at Tesla. There is no such thing unless your cronie, relative, or intimate other is pulling strings for you in a facility where merit systems are non-existent. Maybe you can use some personality and fake social interaction tactics to get that promotion or raise, or even keep from being fired (laid-off, lol) Competence, hard work and reliability won't get you anywhere at Tesla except kicked around like a peasant within a feudalist system.

These are some of the reasons why a CEO that's worth $20,000,000,000 (NET) has to beg for 2.5 billion dollars every year to enable Tesla to produce and deliver 250,000 automobiles annually, to say nothing about Tesla earning an annual net profit.

HR and middle MGMT have successfully hi-jacked Tesla. I suppose congratulations are in order.

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