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We need to be real here

This is not in defense of JPMorgan Chase or any other similar compamy, but we need to be real here.

Not sure where in the US you will find an organization that will provide services like those of JPMorgran or similar companies with US staff only. In today's world there are more offshore staff members who support such organizations than onshore members, contracted or not.

Customer data is most likely restricted to only those staff members with a need to see, and only what is needed to do the job.

As consumers we should ask how is our data is safe kept and have there been any breaches of the data either shared or incorrectly accessed.

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Yeah you be real when you get the pink notice, LOL.

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Meh... incompetence can get PI data into the wrong hands then whopsie... but it's okay Jamie and friends will pay the fine (your annual raise just shrunk) and all will be just fine. Oh and did I tell you about the bridge I have for sale in Brooklyn?

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