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Suntrust Teammates quiet

It appears Suntrust Teammates are being put in leadership positions by an overwhelming margin at Truist, Why so quiet on this forum? Would love to hear some thoughts on what is happening up to this point. Certainly many of you have opinions on the upcoming synergies, let's discuss.

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It appears that the culture change is coming but will it be better is the question? BB&T benefits appear to be better if for no other reason than the pension plan. After King is gone and Rogers takes over look for this to be one of the first things gone if it doesn't happen as King goes out the door. I'm afraid a lot of hard times are ahead for all the teammates and associates who remain after the synergies are accomplished. More than luck will be needed for all the turf wars that will arise from the merging of these groups of diverse people. If the good old boy mentality wins out, which is likely, the more things change the more they remain the same! Now that we will have a new name what shall us foot soldiers be called, teammates, associates, or, some hip new buzzword attractive to the young that we see in any and all literature about new big bank, Truist.

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I hope this will be a good thing for SunTrust employees. Hoping for a culture change since their culture is so outdated and also an upgrade to the benefits. Also change up their technology department since it is being ran more as a production environment instead of delivering quality technology upgrades for their customers and business partners. Good Luck SunTrust, you will need it!

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