Thread regarding Walmart Pharmacy layoffs

What's the best alternative?

I did a little digging on this site, and what I found scared me. The situation seems to be the same across the entire industry - just look at CVS for example.

This means that those who were laid off and those of us who are still not safe have very little options left for us.

Am I wrong? Is there a good alternative?

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I was with Walmart for 10 years. I started full-time on the floor in Domestics in 2009, then Domestics & Housewares were combined so I handled both.

Then I took a cut to part-time to get in to work on the floor in pharmacy & soon after was given full-time there & we'd help cashier in the pharmacy when the Techs were busy & there was a line.

I was offed the opportunity to become a Tech in 2014 & in 2015 I tested and passed the National Certification test, as required by Walmart.

I've always had excellent reviews, my customer service was/is top notch because of my past work experience working as a waitress, bartender, nurses aide, and catering staff, which are all customer/patent centered. My attendance was stellar, my speed & accuracy was stellar, AND I even traveled to other pharmacies that were short on Tech staff, but yet the computer chose me to layoff, rather than the Techs in our pharmacy that had customer complaints & attendance issues. 2 separate outlying pharmacies were expecting my help 2 days after the layoff, and Walmart didn't even bother to let them know I wouldn't be there since I was 1 of the "chosen" to let go from the pharmacy.

I am crushed! :'-( I'm currently working self check & cashiering since we are not allowed to work in any of the Walmart pharmacies unless we are hired into a position at another Walmart pharmacy & I have until August 30th to find another position, or I will be let go & get 1 week severance for each year I've been a Walmart employee.

I put in transfer requests to pharmacies within a 1 hour drive area & contacted the Pharmacy Managers to let them know I was let go & see if they had any full-time Tech openings- all of them said they'd absolutely hire me if they had openings, but unfortunately they did not.

I don't appreciate being let go because of a computer algorithm that ignores who I am, my work history, and my stellar reviews & costumer service, yet keeps lower quality Techs.

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Walgreens announced they are planning to close more stores.

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