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Been a few weeks since these layoffs and even though this company is so poorly run this happens every decade this has been the worst I have ever seen it. Does anyone else wonder why we would actually even consider putting up with this? There is not a single person I know who has left over the last few years that has regretted it, unanimous that the only regret was not leaving sooner. I know I am venting but have struggled alot the last few weeks just watching friends get unfairly laid off just for the sake of management being able to say things are changing for the better while they continue to give themselves million dollar raises and I get to sit in TCO wondering if I will be here tomorrow with not even the bathroom to escape to as when I go to do my business it is 100% certainty there will be 7 other people in stalls making music while I become frozen in disgust.

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I dont miss the TCO bathroom situation at all!! A definite positive from being SRD'd...I can now [email protected] in peace.

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Hahaha amen most accurate post I have seen in awhile!

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