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Most Of The 12,000 Ford Layoffs Will Be Voluntary

The automaker plans to eliminate a total of 12,000 job in Europe with a large number of them being salaried white-collar positions. The specific number of white-collar positions in Europe that will be terminated is 2,000. Most of the 12,000 Ford layoffs will be voluntary separations says the automaker. Those Ford layoffs will happen from now through the end of 2020. A total of 2,000 white-collar workers will be laid off globally.

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Why can't they make it in Europe? Because Ford is horrible at making cars. Europe does not want Trucks and SUVs. And also Europeans demand quality in their products. Ford does not provide that. Laying off the workers in Europe will not help Ford. The issue lies in the Glass house in Dearborn.

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A once global company becoming regional. What's after regional? Rhetorical answer. VW will be poised to gobble up that market share, and maybe even Ford. This is analogous to a farmer burning his barn down because he had one bad growing season. The real question is why can't Ford crack the EU market? How many executives are on the payroll over there and they do little more than rank and file performance. The reality is they don't even feel bad about it, they justify it as doing their jobs. But if they "truly" did their jobs they would be using these 12k as opposed to hastefully ditching them.

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