Thread regarding Viacom Inc. layoffs

What is the best alternative to Viacom?

I'm done being a sitting duck and just waiting to be laid off every day. I've updated my resume, and I'm ready to start searching for an option to leave on my own.

I'm just not sure where to start, to be honest. All the companies in our field seem to be going through similar turmoil as we are. Is there even a place left that would actually be an improvement to where we are now?

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Recommendation from someone who was laid off: There is absolutely zero reason not to start looking now while you're gainfully employed. Even if you ultimately want to wait it out, applying to a few open positions a week will give you a sense of your response rate so you can set realistic expectations for how hard you'll have to hit the ground running to find something else. The other thing to consider is that the fact a place is hiring is a sign that HR hasn't written off that team, even if layoffs are on the horizon for parts of that company. You can also always ask the interviewer what their read on the company's solvency is, if it seems shaky to you.

If you wait to be laid off, remember that a lot of job applications will ask you for "reason for leaving" your previous jobs, and it's liable to come up in job interviews. Someone being laid off for budgetary reasons isn't a sign of a low quality candidate, but it isn't a gold star either, and a lot of hiring managers are inundated with resumes and quick to find reasons to throw one out.

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It’s a real drag .waking up and get motivated to go to work. I already have anxiety knowing I got to go to that dump and work .

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agreed why leave when viacom will lay you off? i have never heard of less than 3 months severence so why jump now? thats just dumb

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dont leave right now

wait it out

at the very least you will get a severance

walking away now is a bad idea

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