Thread regarding Mondelez International Inc. layoffs

Why all of a sudden posts keep getting deleted

Makes no sense!!!

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They're cowards!!

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More posts being deleted!! Layoff page is a joke!!

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see below... sources at the bottom...

On deletions, someone posted this a couple of days ago, source below:

I've been on this site since 2015 (first with Verizon and now with GM) so hear me out:

  • mods/admins exist, they are silent tho

  • they delete messages, sometimes in bulk (eg all threads or all messages you ever posted by you or someone else may be nuked)

  • they block ip addresses, some vpns will not work as they are already blocked

  • some words are blocked and trigger reviews, try to enter xes in reverse and they'll review you

  • here are things that will trigger a review,purge or block: swearing, use of names, politics, attacking other people

  • got blocked once, never heard back from them and had to switch ip

  • if someone is crossing the line you can report it on the contact page

  • dont post in weird threads, they may bulk block you (if you do, use vpn)

  • they really cannot stop you posting, use a vpn and you are ok - if you are using a vpn, dont use bing ones like nordVPN as they have them blocked - pick a smaller providedr

  • try to avoid any discussion about race or identity groups, they dont f around with that - that's like an instant ban and all your older messages get deleted

  • am sure there is more stuff that i am forgetting but this is it in the nutshell...

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Because we spoke some cold hard TRUTH about our DMs and RMS’ last night 😂

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