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Track record speaks for itself!

People act so alarmed at managers behavior! Google Mondelez 19 years they have had 18 violations totally just under $15 million dollars. That’s not a company that cares!

Best way to address if you work there is by not caring as well! Management passes the buck on and it falls to the bottom, that’s reps and merchandisers! Quit caring! It’s all a dog and pony show! I’d they really wanted to see how things were they would not schedule time to visit weeks ahead of time! Pathetic organization!!!

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$15 million? Sounds bad to me! BTW, that’s all they have been caught for, does not include settlements etc! If more people spoke up, that number would and should be legendary!

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19 years with a huge global company kraft, Nabisco Mondelēz and only 18 violations, that’s really not terrible. I’m just being honest. Not defending this company AT ALL, just saying.

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