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Interview at ESG Automotive

Can anyone tell me more about this company? Is it a glorified staffing/contract house or is it good working at different customer locations on a project basis? Seems like many people and jobs posted are in Dearborn. Thank you in advance for any info.

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Wow, thank you so much for the great response! This information is really helpful. I haven't heard anything more from ESG, good or bad. I didn't know that those other companies you mentioned were also similar to ESG. Thanks again!

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I worked for ESG a few years ago. They are actually a cousin of a contract house called "Purchased Engineering Services" Its halfway between contract and a real job. Like a contractor, you work onsite at a client (Probably ford here) and do the same work as a real (ford) employee.
The difference is that a "Purchased Engineering Services" firm like ESG or its competitors IAV, AVL, FEV or Ricardo will retain you after the end of a contract. You will go back to "home office" and warm a desk for a few weeks till they win another contract and then send you there where you do the same thing. So it has better job security than contract, where when the contract is done/canceled/notRenewed/ so is your job and paycheck.
You are also salary exempt, so you get a salary and better medical benefits and 401k. And 2 week paid vacation and paid sick time. However, your work is billed hourly to the client. So if you work a 60 hour week at fords ford will pay eag/fev/iav/avl for 50 hours including 10hrs overtime. And you get paid only 40hr salary. They pocket the difference.
Working contract, you dont get the paid vacation, but you do get the overtime. So if you have cronic medical and take alot of sick days, better to go purchased engineering services like esg. If you think you're going to work your a– off for the next 6 months, better to go contract and get the overtime.
I've worked both. Depends on your needs.
But one thing to note, thats not a real job from esg. They are submitting a competitive bid to msx along with all their competitors like fev/avl/iav/Ricardo as well as contract houses like Kelly/Manpower. So if you like the job, but not the company or rate, do an internet search amd you'll probably find the same job listed by multiple companies (at multple salary or hourly rates). The best qualified at lowest cost wins MSX and gets the Ford job.
Also understand that if you get "hired" by esg, its contingent on esg winning the bid at MSX. Its possible that you interview and "get hired" by eag/fev/avl/iav but understand that you dont really have a job till they win the bid and yoy get you ford green stripe badge.
Esg is a good company. Pretty big and stable in germany, really small in usa/detroit. They've only been here 5 years, and just starting out here.

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