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The only guarantee is there will be reductions

The only guarantee is there will be reductions...(This is Fidelity we are talking about!) Whether it’s wrapped in a silver VBO wrapper, or poorly disguised as a ham handed “re-org / eliminations (by conference call) with ‘new jobs’ for which everyone can apply!” —it’s a means to weed out even more older folks to make room for millennials and younger, cheaper labor. Full stop.

Agreed, @Z9O1SXT-8tgv.

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There will be reductions. So, be smart about it. Not angry. Fidelity is run by a very few, very protected people. Just look around. It’s easier to dump thousands of calls on reps instead of admitting a mistake. Nobody is taking responsibility for their mistakes, yet all of them are ready to talk about leadership, day and night. Do what other people around you do, go across the street. Plenty of companies look for experience so they don’t have to spend money on training. That’s where you come in, you licensed and experienced future ex-Fidelity employee, go for it, they are waiting for you, trust me.

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Phone people are still being let go the old fashioned way, tap on shoulder.

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