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What happens AFTER Xerox (or your division of Xerox) is sold

Taking a longer view than many earlier posts, what happens after your division is sold? Or what happens if the stock does hit 40 and the whole thing is sold?

Reading the future is hard to do but I just see more layoffs. Buyers will be looking for more ways to reduce costs. They will probably have all the back office processes covered, a sales force in place, a service organization in place, a marketing organization in place. They’ll be looking for more revenue from any acquisition from xerox and “greater efficiency” from the combined organizations. So if you are thinking that layoffs will eventually stop and things will stabilize, I suggest you reconsider that. The layoffs will continue until there is little left of Xerox (or your cores, if you prefer to look at it that way)

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For the many who went the extra mile, worked the extra hours, sacrificed personal and family time to develop build and ship products it absolutely hurts to see the incompetence of current leadership and watch day by day Xerox corp follow the path of Kodak.

Use that pain to move you to take action. Look externally and you will find that there are many bad companies, and a few really good ones. Target the companies that are growing and care about their people and find joy in going the extra mile again in a company where you are valued.

Life is too short to live in daily insanity driven by really poor leaders that are harvesting Xerox for its cash and will leave once the cash cow stops producing or they sell it at market for its bits.

Take action dont be a victim.

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I don't even care anymore. I'm content to sit here and watch it all burn. I've felt every possible feeling since this sshhittstorm started and I'm over it. Do your worst, Xerox. I've told everyone I know to never buy a Xerox... anything.

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