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Dean Foods is a sinking ship

Thoughts are that Dean Foods has cut so much already that the only places left to cut are labor costs. And they've already cut labor costs so much through previous rounds of cuts, that any more labor cuts are just going to result in service becoming even worse.

Currently, it's a sinking ship. I'd say it's 50/50 that it can be patched up enough to avoid sinking.

Best shot long term will be to go private and bring in a new executive team that has experience in the business and not just with furniture. Need to change back into a dairy products company that also sells fluid milk instead of a fluid milk company that sells a few other dairy products.

Worst case scenario for the long term would be selling off the ice cream business to turn a quick buck leaving them with nothing but low/no margin fluid milk.

Not going to find a buyer for the whole business due to debt and pension liability. Would be cheaper to build your own facilities then take the labor agreements and pension liability of a lot of the locations.

Good post by @ZjDnH0m-uda.

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Work at an outlying depot. Have not had any visits from so called management in over a year. There is no communication on things going on. HR person quit still don't know who to contact.

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$1.07. How low will she go?

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They can start at Dean Foods Le Mars. Employees making over $20.00 an hour. Some of them are the biggest racists you will ever meet. Some are the laziest people you will meet. Especially one who sleeps on the job. And some who will throw you under the bus to save themselves.

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Sorry, but you are 100% wrong. I know of a Canadian company that will probably scoop up Dean on the cheap, lets say 3-4 bucks, and blend in their company with Deans, laying off lots of old expensive existing workers. In other words, really clean house and make things work with better management.

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