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Bad Faith banmruptcy!!!!! JUDGE get your court in order!

These laws allowing one person to sue his own company (himself) must stop!

The old saying is no longer true. You cannot sue God, and you cannot sue yourself. Especially if it benefits you financially. What a flippin' freak show!

His response will probably be: Hold My Beer! Sueing God next week. I don't want to be standing behind him at the gates of Heaven. He's got lots of explaining to do.

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@Zoin3ef-nef As I said, Eddie is playing some sort of crazy a-- advance 4D chess game. Suing a company he owns and gets all the goodies from it Scott-free.

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Let me get this straight

Eddie runs the company into the ground and the judge let's him buy it back?

Pay for play is involved here boys...

Amazon and bezos pulling the strings

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It’s all essentially meaningless though. The sale is done. Eddie is buying hometown now.

Eddie is just squabbling with the remnants of old sears over trivial nonsense mostly related to money he kept during the transfer for seamless operation and credit card receipts and inventory that he claims were his and old sears says they aren’t. If he wins he might get like $50 million.

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