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Business as usual....

People keep using this phrase....

So ask yourself, how many of you still get your milk delivered to your house by the milkman? You go outside in the am and it is left at your door?

How many of your grandparents used to order their groceries online?

Maybe your great grandparents logged onto for their digital coupons?

Get it? Nowhere can the phrase “business as usual” apply to retail! This includes DSD, time to move on to a more efficient and less expensive model.

If someone tells you this, know they are lying!

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Do you really think that management is going to tell you that the Company is going warehouse ??

They need us until the end. If we would know a date, all of us would be looking for new jobs.

There would not be many people left to do the work . Companies do not care about their

Employees. We are just numbers on a wall. When one gets hurt or leaves they have no problem

Replacing that person with a new number. We are all replaceable. Companies do what is best for

Businesses they should.

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You'd be silly to listen to everything you read on this site. Even more silly to believe anything said by management.

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Once again 💵🐄 missed the whole point! No wonder you sling cookies 🤣

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You may want to consider a different source for your information! Shame on you for trying to share nonsense, nothing what you say makes sense or is remotely true!

You may be a good cookie slinger, but you certainly have no clue how the business is run!

Yes, retailers can control how they receive product! Fact!

Yes we have been in DSD for a long what! A lot has changed in case you haven’t noticed!

You will be the first we will tell, “told ya so!”

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Amen to that! Then if they say “they value you...” that’s probably a lie too! I’ve been here 19 years and funny thing, we used to have holiday parties, 2 extra flex fays as well an extra weeks vacation, seems to me they value us less and less as time goes on.🤣 Precisely the reason my objective means less and less! Now I just dint care, feels better

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