Thread regarding Sears layoffs

Quotes from Turnaround and Transformation Leaders

John Legere, CEO T-Mobile

Listen to Your Employees, listen to your customers, shut the f*** up, and do what they tell you!

Cheryl Bachelder, CEO Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

The Popeyes turnaround has become a case study in what happens when leaders think about serving others—in this case, our franchisees. Leadership is an act of stewardship, not a practice that’s solely for your personal benefit. The test of our leadership is simple: Are the people entrusted to our care better off?

Lee Iacocca, CEO Chrysler

Management is nothing more than motivating other people. Your legacy should be that you made it better than it was than when you got it.

Eddie Lampert, Owner, CEO and Chairman, Sears

We don't need more customers. We have all the customers we could possibly want.

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@pag I realize it takes a lot of effort to use Google, but you have names, quotes, and the Internet.

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Nice! I realize it takes a lot of effort to cut and paste, but you could at least cite your sources

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