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VTO's are not offered because they want to do this in a controlled manner

The reason they don’t offer voluntary termination offers (VTO’s), is they want to do this in a controlled manner. VTO’s are hard to control, and you can go too deep, too fast. Then they end up paying “stay bonus’s” to execute a controlled migration. The work in Northbrook will need to be done until they’ve executed the transition.

@ZqLyRHh-4tba makes a good point.

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Regional office reorg. Surprise! The world doesn't rotate around Northbrook!

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Would you have details?

From what I’ve observed, those Technology employees located in Northbrook are simply being told that their roles are being moved to other hubs. I’ve heard nothing about employees being placed in “new” positions.

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The company has traditionally been aligned with other Fortune 100 companies RIF plans by offering severance packages, 60 + day notification, and termination support. But the organizational changes announced today are not going to handled in the traditional way. "Employees will be placed in positions in the new structure" Your job can/will substantially change and you will not be given a choice. Before, people could apply for the "new" positions they were interested in, but this announcement makes it clear that individual choice is no longer valued. Wondering if the plan is to create a situation where many people get frustrated and leave so they don't have to pay severance?

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