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Molina Ohio will be selected for MCD contract

Yes Molina Ohio will be selected for MCD contract. Jesus ppl stop listening to others unless hard evidence is posted. Molina Ohio four one is one of the top money makers for Molina. Ending March 2019 Molina Ohio revenue 590 MILLION dollars after medical care costs and medicaid shift - walked away with 53 Million..ranking Ohio 3rd out of all plans. Texas..freaking Texas only beat Ohio by about 13 million. Ohio demonstrated the plan - Ohio has gone from rookie player to seasoned vet in Ohio and are looking to expand into more counties.

As for sale rumors..look if everyone is saying Molina shares are "inflated grossly" then what company in their right mind would buy Molina...even just for members. Thats like you going out and looking at a new car that stickers for $25k and them trying to sell it to you for 80k. It doesnt work like that. Companies that look to buy or take over a company, even hostile, are looking for broken wing companies. Meaning are just looking for that company flopping around on the ground either waiting to be somewhat saved or taken out. I see biopharma amd tech companies whobshare prices have hit .15, .40 cents pee share get bought out. Think about it..these were once companies trading at $100 plus per share some years back and now they are priced at a value, buying a cpmpany at an over inflated price is not a value. For now Molinas numbers are backing up the price but as long as we do better theu will always be thinking "we can still get more from someone else".

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Perhaps the biggest punishment is having to live in Ohio. What a sh--hole! I mean if you must still work for Molina- move to Corp (Long Beach). Where you can at least enjoy the SoCal lifestyle.

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You realize that your comment on not having a clue right after posting about something that wasnt even stated is telling right? The OP wasnt saying that RFP doesnt have anything to do with the "important(ce) to the company". Whatbthe hell is Mokina dead last in. Odd you say that I sit here studying the Ohio 2018 P4P results from ODM of each health plan in Ohio.

You realize that since 2011 Ohio has spent 61 billion on MCD. Guess what two plans made Ohio the happiest by being responsible for 40 billion of that 61 billion - Buckeye and Caresource.

2018 P4P Award dollars by plan:

1) Caresource 29 million

2) Buckeye 13 2 million

3) Molina 9.1 million

4) Paramount 8.8 million

5) UHC 5.8 million

2018 P4P F/U after MH hospital admission -7 day ranks:

1) Paramount 53.2%

2) Caresource 48.3%

3) Molina 46.5%

4) Statewide 44.0%

5) Buckeye 43.4%

2018 P4P Prenatal Care Timeliness

1) Buckeye 86.6%

2) UHC 83.7%

3) Paramount 83.0%

4) Molina 82.8%

5) Statewide 81.1%

6) Caresource 78.6%

2018 P4P Controlling High BP

1) Paramount 61.6%

2) Buckeye 56.2%

3) Molina 53.3%

4) UHC 53

5) Statewide 51.0%

6) Caresource 47. 2%

2018 HbA1C Poor Control Measures

1) Buckeye 39.4%

2) Paramount 42.8%

3) Molina 43.6%

4) Caresource 62.2%

5) Statewide 54%

6) UHC 51.4%

We may not be in the lead but we arent last either..

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Wow, this comment is super ignorant. Ohio getting the contract has nothing to do with how important it is to the overall Molina Company. It has to do with its performance compared to other plans in Ohio, and what the governor wants. And Ohio ranks dead LAST in most areas. Wow, you have no clue.

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I for one agree with this comment. Refreshing to see a honest take on it. I know my department deals with the state every day... and well they ain't happy with us. So let's be realistic.... it is not all about profit.

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Just because its the most profitable plan doesn't mean its on the path to renewal or OH expansion. In fact, the State likely has questioned that level of profitability. In the past Molina has also gone into renewals and reprocurements overconfident only to find a non-renewal or shrinkage of service areas. IN and FL come to mind. Will be interesting to see this and other important RFPs turn out.

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