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Demographics are meaningless, its all about the technology

A sub culture of self loathing sprung up, that only people from the outside or young blood could fix Oracle. The Seattle folks (and there are others) stepped into the vacuum and ran with it. As with anything in the tech industry, demographics are meaningless...its all about the technology, not your age and where you live. Oracle is a mature company that will be around for a long time. These months and years of turmoil will be fixed as the folks that want to fix Oracle (and succeed) will prevail. So demotions? If that is not a rumor? Yeah, probably necessary as Oracle takes a deep breath and rolls up its sleeves to fix some of these issues.

Well said, @ZxUO1nK-hic.

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That's a very optimistic view and it is interesting you admit that Oracle has problems and is on a negative track. They can succeed and turn things around but it is hardly a sure thing. Yes, Oracle will be around for a long time, But be a shadow of itself without making changes. Those changes have to start at the top and a totally new attitude. It starts with the executives and goes top down, not the other way around. They can't expect real change if they themselves refuse to change. They have to lead the change starting with themselves or buy in will never really happen. (Spoken like a Project Manager, I know, but it is true) . Sadly too many refuse and let their own ego get in the way. The business world is full of executives like these. Names like Wang, Palmer and VanderSlice, even Schwartz. All led companies down the road to dissolution. While I have no use for LE, MH or SC, I don't like to see corporations fail because people down below the org chart get the brunt of it the worst. If they want to make the place successful again, they need to start with themselves. Sadly I doubt they will. Say what you want about the Japanese, but the CEO of every company is the most accountable and takes the most heat when things go wrong. A little of that philosophy would go a long way. Regardless of how big Oracle is, failure is an option and a very real possibility. It just does not have to be.

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