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SAS lays people off

This review is based on my belief of how SAS operates, based on my experience working there.

Do not kid yourself. SAS lays people off. The method they use is quite unsavory. Rather than actually hold above-board "layoffs", they target specific people and subject them to "the treatment". Shunning, gaslighting, bullying, and other unprofessional tactics are employed. Imagine the worst junior high school clique you've ever dealt with, and magnify it 10x.

Targets receive extremely bizarre treatment and circumstances imposed by others, all intended to make them miserable and quit. Resilient targets who can withstand this treatment will find themselves in HR reviewing a list of trumped-up charges so ridiculous, they cannot be reasoned with or defended.

The employee has a choice at this point - take the money and run, or "improve performance" and "stay". It's a false choice. Those who "stay" are subjected to even more abuse and are usually fired within a short period of time and denied any payout.

This process is intended to protect the "No layoffs" myth. This is extremely destructive to those targeted. I believe the top guy himself encourages these practices to protect his saintly public image.

There are "layoffs". They just don't call them that.

Worse yet, the long-term dead weight employees pick the targets for this process. Competent, hard-working employees are destroyed and run out by the lazy and incompetent ones working to cover their tracks. Incompetent, dead-weight employees adept at dirty politics are what remains. All to protect one person's image. Really disgusting.

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This has nothing to do with you; it's happened to four of my friends in the last four years.

Two were offered packages; two were given the minimum severance. All were veteran employees of more than 20 years.

It used to be that this only happened under abusive managers. But now it is part of a company-wide policy to cut costs.

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@ogboo+Zya7KqN I am disappointed to hear how you were treated. I hope that the treatment does not overshadow for you the appreciation that your coworkers had for your work.

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Absolutely true and it happened to me. I had a young diva of a manager used (abused?) this very process to run me out. HR didn't defend me AT ALL even though I was a good employee for 25+ years and had just gotten both a raise and a bonus so I must have been doing something right. Spirit-crushing and I wish nothing but bad for G and his company.

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I'll confirm that this policy exists, but in my experience the good managers never use it. Rather, they clearly communicate what they want, and any reasonable employee follows directions. So a good manager never needs to invoke this process.

I have seen several abusive managers invoke this process. As the poster says, the charges are easily trumped-up, the employee has no means of defense, and they are offered a false choice. If they choose to stay, they are most unlikely to have a good career under that manager.

HR has no power to restrain an abusive manager. When this policy was used on me, the kindly HR representative took me aside and advised, "You can either s— up or ship out".

I was fortunate to find another position within the company, but that would be extremely difficult nowadays. You must find an open position, and that requires the company to be growing.

This is a bad policy because it assumes good managers. All the best managers I had in my career were at SAS, and so were all the worst. It's a real mix, and an abusive manager can easily abuse this policy.

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Wow. Finally the truth is told. SAS is one of the worst places I've ever worked. I've never encountered so much bullying in my life! Defamation, slander.... You name it. It happens.

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I thought I was going crazy. I've been there a few years and the amount of weird and strange behavior and politics are insane. I turned in my notice and my boss has turned into the most unprofessional petty person ever. In hindsight I realize I've been being gaslight for a while because I try to do a good job and that makes everyone who doesnt care much including her look bad. I'm so glad I'm leaving and everyone thinks I'm insane to go. Its stepford wives drinking koolaid.

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This is so true, I have worked at SAS for 15 years and I have seen this happen time after time to good people that do a great job. Some people do nothing and SAS looks the other way. Others are targeted and mistreated. It amazes me there has never been an event on campus after one of their victims have been ousted. SAS operates as a cult environment. It is not what people on the outside think it is. It is the most bizarre company which I have ever worked.

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