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Altalink worse quality output than workcentre

Has any other core had repetitive issues transitioning existing customers from workcentre to altalink, or another brand to the new xerox? Color accuracy, scanning quality, file size, halftone reproduction? Firmware has not solved any issue it states it solves.

Scanners are truly bad on them and there doesn’t appear to be a way to improve it. Any tips, feedback, or just confirmation we aren’t alone?

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The AltaLink is fatally flawed. The issue is software. The firmware upgrade in November finally fixed the poor print quality (color matching is still way off) but broke the scanning and copying.

I left Xerox to go with a multi-branded vendor and guess what? Most manufacturers can make a great box these days, without the issues I had to deal with when selling and supporting the AltaLink.

Ironically, the only other manufacturer that produces an A3 box that isn't up to par is HP... Great partnership lol

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Generally everything that takes a .dlm firmware makes worse copies than what takes a .bin

Though the recent dlms for altalink have come a long way (having surpassed workcentre in my experience)

It's not hardware, it's SW. The altalink was rushed to market. Fujifilm makes the scanner, so hardware wise it's as good as any

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You’re alone. We’ve had issue but following the proper procedures has fixed most customers issues.

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Fake news mo--n. New units actually have a good paper path and great software. Hence why HP is willing to put their name on it. No one checks product reviews on You're annoying

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