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Being able to work from home increases productivity

I have better relationships with my peers working from home then being in the office. Plus, 99% of my contacts work in other states. Having the ability to work from home at least 2x a week will increase productivity amongst associates. The bank really needs to reevaluate their goal of bringing people back in the office every day. Stop listening to consulting firms, who are encouraging this approach and do the research yourself by listening to your associates. Oh, that's right, no one listens anymore, they just checked the box that an enterprise survey was completed and collect their million dollar + bonus.

Exactly what @ZwFtOwl-1emt said.

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I totally love pretending to work from home.

Especially Thursdays
(hump day can be exhausting :)

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I quit because they were getting rid of My Work. I think it was just a way to snipe higher paid people (seems like a lot of the people who had been there 10 years + were on My Work) because senior management was angry that they had to show up to work. It was a terrible failure, rolling back progress by a decade. I would have stayed, even though I had Stockholm Syndrome and the job was overall terrible, but they wanted me to drive 360 miles a day to Charlotte after giving me permission to move and be full time remote. That stupid woman really is driving that place into the ground, at least ruining any attractiveness it has for potential employees. I left after 10 years in late 2017.

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Bank of America is a terrible place to work and they do not care about long time employees and balance of family and work. They are putting back workers that have been at home for over 20 years with exceed performance to work in an office and pay high costs for parking and time on freeways. They should be ashamed of how they treat their employees. Bank with Chase.

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