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Bankruptcy fees racked up so far- almost 119 million

"...WOW, just wow. the total for professionals fees paid so far is $118,677,875. This is to May 4. It does not included those billed but not actually paid yet. It does not include those paid after May 4 or those fees that will be paid in May, June, July, August etc."

You can make your own conclusions about this. Employees laid off .... some vendors and employee severances not paid while high priced lawyers reap the benefits.

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If you can point out any differences then we could assume otherwise.

However as the public sees it, it's the same 'leadership'(if you can call them that), the same policies, the same motto(which seems to be F the customer, and F the employees) with no real strive twords making a better future.

Transformholdco, which is the dumbest name an id--t could come up with, is walking the exact same path it's former self died from..

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Sears has no money. This article is about Sears. Not Transformco, the new company, which owns the stores. Stop thinking of the two as still being the same.

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All Sears is doing is slowing the inevitable $119 million dollars that is owed is outrages and the company is just on life support surviving the little they can at this point. Honestly when my stored closed I did not expect severance pay it actually happened it was actually nice getting paid one month of work without working. However if your store is still open and running they will soon cut severance and say they wont comply to the terms. Sears basically has no money and with the little stores they have they can't keep paying the bills.

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