Thread regarding Corning Inc. layoffs

optical fiber plant in Wilmington

200+ people will be affected, cuts in works

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I got laid off during this one. That place is horrible. Go over to the parking lot just before 7am or just before 7pm when shift change happens, and watch the employees, young adults, limping, hunched over, looking like zombies. I really feel for them. I worked their for 7 years, seen it all. You would always hear the rumor of layoffs coming 6-8 months down the road, they would hold a meeting and say they are not true, then show us charts of how great they are doing, then low and behold 6-8 months later out of the blue, oh yeah 2 weeks from now 233 of you are getting laid off until business picks up, because China did not give them the percent share of the fiber making contract, its all the Chinese Government we are told, then when they laid us off, they worked the ones who did not get laid off 80 hours a week, with forced over time. it may pay good, but it was not worth it. I resigned due to health problems caused by that place, I was to the point of having to take 120mg of oxycodone a day just to work, and a step away from a cane to even be able to walk. My Doctor told me, you need to find different work, or you will be in a wheel chair in 10-15 years. Guess what, 4 months after resigning my pain damn near goes away. Yeah they do not work people to death. Factory trap, lies to the public to keep that good image up, when they hate their employees and try to screw them every chance they get. This is not anger this is truth.Shout out to Jack Hudson, Nancy, Kay, Doug, Chantel, keep on keeping on working for the trap to which their is not much of an escape

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Wilmington's falling apart bro

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