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Lol, the first two comments are copy/paste by a current manager (obviously) and a laid-off employee of a different site. (again, obviously) I wouldn't worry about your job at Liberty. They are still hiring more people to come here for an addition. If anyone will get the axe, then it will probably be one or two of the most senior managers, at most. I highly doubt this site will be closed after the acquisition either. This is the one time I'm glad to be living in a state with low salaries.

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The city of Liberty SC is located in Pickens county.

We are fine. Lost 3 great folks that had solid back-up plans. They will be fine.

Good luck to all others affected.

We make HV Caps and Hybrids for ICD and pacers. I love working here and for SJM. We are extremely dedicated to quality and the customers. We have employees and vendors and friends/family that are SJM patients.

Come and visit us. It's a great site.

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Pickens is a joke. They can't even produce the simplest of products without difficulty. They are plagued by the inability to hire qualified local talent and couple that with

a completely inept manufacturing force and you have a recipe for disaster. It should be shut down immediately and writtren off as a loss.

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