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Open letter from the Republican partyw

Dear Mr. Katzenberg,

We would like to thank you for your continued support in workforce globalization. Clearly you understand the value of eliminating jobs in the U.S. where unions have capitalized on over paid employees. You are a beacon of greatness in the face of a Democratic party spouting unrealistic ways of doing business. Clearly you understand the importance of a global market and the need to move away from having U.S. workers creating your films. The greater good is in the bottom line and we are so proud you are finally seeing the way. Great work Jeff! Please consider Mitt (or our next considered representative) an ally in the coming years as he/she is sure to connect with you in very clear ways. Your core values are very much in-line and they would love nothing more that to stay at your gorgeous home while raising campaign funds. Again, great job Jeff on conceiving a new PDI/DreamWorks. We welcome you to the Republican party. To a great 2015!

You F***ing idiot. (only until now of course)


The Republican Party

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"- it was Obama and the Democrats" We have two corporatist parties in this country; the best money can buy.This is what happens when money = speech.Just look at Obama and the Republican Congress tripping over each other to get Fast Track Trade.But is was the same with Clinton in his day. There is no Labor/Left party in the US. Just Moderate Right and Looney Right.

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I like how you made the enemy out to be the Republican party, when really - it was Obama and the Democrats JK bribed via $3 million in campaign donations so they would look the other way when he decided to work with Communists and ship 2500 jobs overseas. I don't remember Boner or Mitt visiting the DW campus!

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