Topics regarding layoffs at Aramark

Topics regarding layoffs at Aramark

We need more info on layoffs

What's with all the secrecy? Why do I have to search all over the internet to find any sliver of info on what happened last week? Aramark leadership should be open with employees and tell us what's going on instead of trying to ignore it and hope... — read more 

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Another day, more Aramark layoffs

Aramark is laying off nearly 140 people in Memphis. I'm not sure if this is Memphis-specific or if more locations will be impacted. If anybody has more info on these layoffs, please share. It's sad to see that layoffs have become a fact of life... — read more 

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I was with ARAMARK 16 years. Position eliminated due to COVID in June. So I applied for another ARAMARK position a few weeks ago... actually a perfect fit noted by both. Had 2 strong interviews, hiring manager noted wanted me to talk with... — read more 

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Aramark planning temporary, permanent layoffs at Rocket Mortgage... Aramark planning temporary, permanent layoffs at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. Updated 4:13 PM; Today 4:13 PM. Central Michigan Chippewas play against... — read more 

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Essential service

We're considered an "essential service". All we do is change mats, uniforms and aprons/rags. How is that essential? If we get infected with covid-19 and I bring it home to my family, I will sue Aramark for putting me and my family in danger. The only... — read more

Soruce below... Va. contracted Aramark workers laid off without severance, notice amid COVID-19 facility closures Aramark will not give its contracted workers additional paid leave unless they test positive for COVID-19 or are quarantined due... — read more 

Fed up employee

Aramark only cares about profits - that's bad for a hospitality company. They grossly under pay employees and act confused when employees aren't happy. We are in the begining stages of forming a workers union!

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About 1000 jobs lost

Aramark Sports & Entertainment Svcs, LLC SOURCE: -- -- Raymond James Stadium 4201 N Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33607 1/2/2019 2/28/2019 thru 2/28/2019 919 Accommodation and Food Services

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ARAMARK takeover

Well, we have a couple of scenarios... They force out Foss, break the company apart, and/or sell us to Sodexo or Compass. Foss will undoubtably get a large payout. Soo sad that we have come to this as a company. Should be a very solemn meeting in... — read more 

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More layoffs at Aramark?

Been hearing we might be looking at more layoffs, considering everything that's been going on lately. Any truth to this or are people just panicking for no reason? I can understand being worried, but adding stress to already bad situation will not... — read more 

Working 90+ hours per week

I busted my rear working mega hours, 90+ per week, my days off, etc to get a major account set up. My boss took the pleasure of flying out to help 'support' during the set up, a complete waste of time and money. Long and short, the account was ahead... — read more 

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