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Do not believe the BS you are being told by Pepsi. Continue to pressure them about lost deal!! It was a violation of ethics and business practices! Pepsi “speak up” call center was informed months ago about the situation. How ironic those involved in... read more

Bonus Update?

Anyone heard any update on this? I find it interesting that Aramark’s Chief Accounting Officer tendered his resignation. His last day is February 9th. Coincidence?

The ill practices

I busted my rear working mega hours, 90+ per week, my days off, etc to get a major account set up. My boss took the pleasure of flying out to help 'support' during the set up, a complete waste of time and money. Long and short, the account was ahead... read more

Ex Armark Chicago

I saw the writing on the wall 2 years ago & left after working there for over 30 years. I see that was a good decision. Very sad how management has destroyed the company. They treat employees like dirt & work them like dogs. Very sad. It used to be a... read more
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~500 laid off in Miami...

State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Aramark Number of Laid off Employees: 428 Address 1: Florida Int'l. University Address 2: 11200 SW 8th Street City: Miami, FL WARN Notice Date: Tue 07/10/2018 Layoff From: Sun 08/05/2018 Layoff To: Sun... read more
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Nobody is safe

They look as if they are trying to build trust, then can employees to reduce headcount. I have seen this time and time again. This is Aramark in a nutshell. You are lulled into a feeling of false security and then one day out of nowhere you are show... read more

March and April Layoffs

Like a few others said there was another round of cuts last month. I was let go on on the 28th shortly after our boss pulled our group aside and assured us that we were all safe moving forward. It’s a mess there still. There will be another round at... read more
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April and June layoffs at Aramark

Like a few others said there was another round of cuts last weeK. I was let go on on the 28th shortly after our boss pulled our group aside and assured us that we were all safe moving forward. It’s a mess there still. There will be another round at... read more

New layoffs

Just read on another thread there have been more layoffs last few days. Does anyone know which positions and how many impacted?
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Aramark should have relocated from Philadelphia...

I worked for Aramark for 30 years. It is unfortunate for being a Fortune 500 the way they treat their employees. One two choices , termination or quit due to poor working environment and safety concerns. Aramark should have relocated from... read more
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Aramark Layoff 2018

20% of the Philly headquarter workforce was eliminated on 1/10. Saw many people let go as well as some high profile people up the organizational ranks. Either some investors weren’t happy or they needed to shrink headcount to squeeze the leftover... read more

Kronos Slow

Kronos reminds me of an original nintendo game. Especially during moments of the game where the system couldnt handle everything that was happening in the game and it would put everything in slow motion. There is no reason, in 2017, it should take... read more
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Aramark Layoffs 2018

It's hard to predict things, but folks are saying that there might be cuts in this year Philadelphia.

Kronos Aramark

My Kronos Aramark login is not working. Now I am confused. Questions: Do Kronos and Aramark still have a relationship? Am I laid off? They disabled my account and I cannot get in. Is someone messing with me? If yes, it's not nice. Is IT incompetent?... read more
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Aramark to lay off 175 employees

It is starting. Aramark lost a key contract and immediately announced a round of layoffs that will affect around175 employees. It is expected that all layoffs will take place by the end of September... read more
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Aramark Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Aramark layoffs in Philadelphia in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Not just Phili office

Not just the Phili office blood bath across all lines of business. Lost 6 20 yr+ employees in higher Ed market. One found out on a conference call. We truly are a people company, not!! Wonder what I'll get for my 20 year anniversary a demotion... read more

Aramark was good to me

I am not sure about layoffs but I see that some people disrespect Aramark here. Aramark was good to me, I made a career here, I had benefits, I raised 2 kids and I advanced. I simply do not understand Aramark employees who expect that everything is... read more

2014 Downsizing and Job Cut Plans

Our folks in Philadelphia will not be happy, Aramark is planning a big downsizing activity - Finance, IT and other corporate functions will be included. I think several hundred people will be let go. Watch for Q2 and Q3, or should we say the whole... read more
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Downsizing in 2014

I know for sure that Aramark is getting ready to reorganize things in IT. I am not sure how corporate will be affected as I also heard things about cuts on the corporate side. If you've been with Aramark long enough you probably know that we are not... read more
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