Topics regarding layoffs at Boston Private

Topics regarding layoffs at Boston Private

Lousy management

Boston Private could do so much better with better management. But instead of promoting people who really deserve it and could help elevate the bank, the existing management keeps promoting people based on their social standing and their ability to... — read more 

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Faux Digital Strategy

It’s too late to pivot. The new senior management team does not have the skills, talent, background or knowledge to manage or turnaround a financial organization that is not performing. Employees have little or no confidence in the current strategy... — read more 

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Changes are upon us

Executive shifts, changing operating models, reorgs and yes, layoffs. Let's see how the dice falls, I expect 2019 to bring many layoffs as we pivot and try to adjust to the changing industry and changing client preferences. After 19 years at Boston... — read more 

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