Topics regarding layoffs at Chico's FAS Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chico's FAS Inc.

Chico’s FAS 2020 Layoffs

The full number hasn’t been officially released, but roughly 25% of HQ positions were eliminated due to COVID-19. Mine was one eliminated, and I worked in HR. COO exited, as did Intimates brand president, multiple VP-level roles, and SVP supply... — read more 

What's next?

First store closings, now furloughs... What do you think is the next thing Chico's FAS will throw our way? Are permanent layoffs a possibility? I'm really stressing over all of this. I'm the only one who works in our family and this is really hurting... — read more 

Part of the Retail Meltdown

"Executives say they want the retailer to have more of a digital presence, less of an old-fashioned physical one. The closings will include not only Chico's locations but also some of the company's White House Black Market and Soma... — read more 

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Chico's closing 250 stores

I'm sure everybody saw or heard by now about the 250 closing stores as part of "re-balancing" or whatever it is with online presence. However, I've been reading up on it and it seems that most of the closings will not take place before next year and... — read more 

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Layoffs criteria

I've seen this asked around, but never found a real answer. I was wondering if anybody knew what criteria they use at Chico's to determine who will be laid off? From what I have seen so far, merit is definitely not among it. I have seen some of our... — read more 

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Reapplying at Chico's

I was effected and heard that many more were being let go across brands. In the same conversation I was told I was not only welcome but encouraged to re apply as I add great value to the store. Seriously? Not sure how this saves the company money... — read more 

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Dying Old Guard Retailer

Stay Away! The leaders are not leaders and are the same group of people that have been in the same retail industry for years. Can't attract inspiring people at the top from different industries to bring in different ideas. No new thinking and will be... — read more 

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Layoffs Winder, GA

Big lay off today in Winder Ga. They let some of the best people go and kept some that should have gone. The company is going down hill fast.... Not sure how long it will last when you let your best people go. Loyalty and loving your Job doesn't go... — read more 

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Chico's FAS Layoffs 2015

Sycamore Partners decided to withdraw their bid and to take us private. This creates a ton of problems, the cash we expected will not show up. So, we better get ready for MASSIVE layoffs.

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