Topics regarding layoffs at EQT Corporation

Topics regarding layoffs at EQT Corporation


reposting for new thread.. Is anybody buying the Rice brothers b—s—? Rice is gutting EQT, for a purpose. He ran a little operation with easy access to production reserves, and low operations costs. When Rice Energy expanded he could not... —  read more 

Optimal Workforce Size

350-450 employees really is what it should take EQT upstream to operate our assets. Our peers making more than 3 bcf/d or greater in the basin are sub 400 employees. We all know this reckoning is deserved. Our bureaucracy of leadership... —  read more 


I am sorry about layoffs, I hope most of you survived the cuts. I do not work for EQT but I am curious about the severance package (I work for a competitor that may have layoffs soon - just comparing things). If someone feels comfortable sharing the... —  read more 

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What is the truth here?

When are layoffs really happening? First it was Monday, now it's Tuesday? I really wish we finally knew for sure - this constant stressing and anxiety is not good for any of us. If anybody knows for sure if layoffs are coming and when, please be... —  read more 

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