Topics regarding layoffs at Forest Laboratories Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Forest Laboratories Inc.

Forest Pharmaceuticals Layoffs

If you have been with Forest Pharmaceuticals long enough you know by now that we do let people go all the time and that layoffs and redundancies are not big deal here. You just get used to it, nothing more to it, it's a normal course of business and... —  read more 

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Facilities managers are scum

I am a happy ex employee who worked very hard and got F====d. At least some of the overpaid and wasteful facilities Mangers were let go (guess) and some of the Commerce drive ladies who just like to talk about everyone else hopefully are gone. They... —  read more 

Aptalis acquisition

Why do you think Aptalis purchase was a flop? I think this was a great move that made sense - I know there were rumors prior to the purchase, people were expecting this as it made sense.


Who gives a crap about layoffs. I think I am good as I have lots of tenure. If they actually do a real deep cut and I am affected, I will qualify for a fairly nice chunk of severance. I know a lot of people who got a year off and found a far better... —  read more 

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Commack plant

Back in 2009 I was let go (Commack plant) - Found a better paying job with less stress - there is life after FL, just move on...

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