Topics regarding layoffs at ION Geophysical Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at ION Geophysical Corp.

What went wrong?

So what do you think went wrong? I would say there was way too much mediocracy in the upper management. No consequences for making mistakes. Anybody want to name names?

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TGS stock on the slide

Is this a repeat of what happened to ION?? Stock lowest since March, recession looming along with oil price slump, bitten off more than you can chew?? Current tgs employees must be worried especially with more employees to pay joining soon


Been around a few years - can safely say this winding down of operations is top 3 fusterclucks I’ve ever seen. No wonder VP of HR resigned couple months ago.

We warned you

Some of us on here have been warning for almost a year to get out and get another job because the execs simply don’t give 2 schitts about you as employees…the latest chaos I’m hearing through the grapevine as ION exits Ch 11 and fooks over the... — read more 

Mass layoffs

I don't want to cause panic, that's not my intention. I'm just wondering if anyone here has any insights or thinks there could be mass layoffs soon? I personally don't think it's going to happen, but I've heard from multiple people that they... — read more 

Bankruptcy and severance

This might be a stupid question so I apologize in advance, but I've heard that in case of bankruptcy employees who are laid off are not entitled to severance? Is this true? If it is, then it makes this whole situation much worse than it seemed to be... — read more 

Sad to See All of You Go

I posted here a few times stating the obvious. Some of you listened and some ridiculed, criticized and mocked my comments. It is always sad when a company fails, especially due to incompetent management.


Certainly a company should not ignore the opportunities that come along, but it should never lose focus on its core business. Does anyone other than me think this is exactly what is happening here?

Just A Penny Stock Now

Ion stock price is just moving fractions of a cent each day, sometimes actually moving more than 1 cent. It will never be $1 or more. Delisting and pink sheets on the horizon. Will there ever be a buyer?


They should allow memes and other images on here. All the pi---d off employees would make some dope a-s content ripping all the executives a new one.

Stock dropping like a tu-d

No amount of polishing is going to make this tu-d of a company shine. Get the Ch 11 case over with and close the coffin, invite the Ghanaian funeral dancers and send ION off to the graveyard where it belongs.

That Didn't Last Long

Ion down to 51 cents, 20%, today after the big pop from the Brunei contract news. The sad fact is, this will do very little to solve the current debt situation and associated bankruptcy filing. It may improve the chances of finding a suitable buyer... — read more 

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Data library

Like someone wisely remarked last year (scroll down), TGS will buy the data library for basically peanuts and make current employees walk the plank. The market is saying it doesn’t want ION products and wants competitor products instead. Many reasons... — read more 

Job hunting

Anyone with talent is long gone. I stayed here because of my age, I am no longer very marketable. Those trying to leave now, what are the experiences? How hard is it to get an offer with ION on resume?


Looks like the “bad news Monday” id--t was only off by a few days. No concern of mine! I will invest in Oxy stock all day long but nobody will ever invest here.

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