Topics regarding layoffs at MeadWestvaco Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at MeadWestvaco Corp.

Get Ready

WIth the merger announced the synergies need to be harvested so get ready. Synergy is another word for eliminating job duplication and the winners will be the Rock-Tenn folks.

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2014 Cuts at MeadWestvaco

James Buzzard is gone, 100+ people were let go earlier this year, that might be like 1% of our total employee base. MeadWestvaco struggles in general, but we remain to be a fairly well manage company. Layoffs will continue until we see some... —  read more 

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So I got laid off 2013.... then they turned around and hired 2 more people to replace me, wtf? My boss has/had short man syndrome and used to rush us to push things out to users that didnt even half ass work because he wanted him self to look good... —  read more 

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Run for cover

MeadWestvaco's issues are vast - you will not know it until you come and see it - do not start to work here - you'll be laid off. I hate my job - DO NOT COME HERE!!!

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