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Sonos huge reduction in force

Sonos just sh*tcanned 12% of its employees. Myself and my entire team, and most of our customer care department. Some of us have been with the company for 8+ years. And the way they have done it is so underhanded. Hooray for corporate greed. So long... —  read more 

As a customer

I am pissed. I have been waiting in you guys to integrate with Alexa for two years now. Nothing happened, promises galore. I have six Sonos products in my home, I am a super fan of Sonos but now you really managed to squandrell my evangelism and zeal... —  read more 

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Patrick's Email - Changes are coming

Here's Patrick's email on the strategy... Let's start nice Team, I am humbled and honored by the opportunity to serve as your CEO. I joined Sonos four and half years ago for two reasons: Kudos to all, I love Sonos: First, I was a passionate Sonos... —  read more 

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“We’re part of that new world.”

SEATTLE — Over the years, Sonos has weathered competition from better known rivals like Apple and Bose to find a devoted audience among audio enthusiasts. But lately its wireless speaker has lost ground to an unexpected competitor, Amazon’s Echo. Now... —  read more 

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Sonos Job Cuts - March 2016

Any updates about cuts that were announced today? It seems that nobody has a reliable number as it relates to number of Sonos folks that will be laid off in March.

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